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What We Offer

We offer Dharmic certifying Services ( #DharmicCertified  seal) to:

1) Retailers
2) Wholesalers
3) Manufacturers
4) Service Provider

For their adherence to Dharmic Standards of Hygiene and Karmic conciousness in business. Our online process will help and train the establishment owners and their employees to understand about the fundamentals of Sanatana Dharma in business practices and invoke a sense of being Karmic concious while indulging in their business practices.

All our certified members will be given a free webpage in our online portal to identify themselves as a dependable "Sanatana Dharma" practitioner.

This will help you, as an individual end-user and consumer, to be aware that you are dealing with a Sanatani who has a conciuosness to not to indulge in any unfair and/or unhygienic business practices. This is further more necessery during these day of very compelling and scary ambience previling due to Covid-19 pendemic that has engulfed the world with utter darkness and uncertainity.

Our Field Officers and Inspectors will make periodic visit to your local shops and reach out to service providers to make sure that these establishments are conforming to the Dharmic standards of hygiene and owner and the employes of these shops are Karmic concious.

We provide an international online portal for all Sanatanis with lot of data and online information to choose #DharmicCertified retailers, wholesalers, manufactures and also service providers to differentiate from the available other alternatives like Halal and Kosher.

You will have all the required information from your local community about those business houses which are Dharma and Karma concious. Using our web portal, you, as a Sanatani, can be pre-informed about the retailers and service providers in you locality. Thus providing an opportunity to select the proper vendor you might want to buy your daily items.

Our international platform is well augmented by the latest Information technology and cloud services and we are actively supported by scholarly professional from various disciplines. We will help you to identify any product and any service that you avail, as a part your daily living, conforms to the level of hygienic standards of Sanatana Dharma

Every end-user Sanatani can also actively participate in our online portal to rate, review and read about the #DharmicCertified members in your locality for better performance and conformance to Dharmic Standards. This will provide one-source platform where you can also log your complaints and concerns about your memebers to assist and alert other Sanatanis about these certified members.